Fiat 500 with insurance and servicing for 18-30 year olds for just £239 per month

This offer really is a game changer for young drivers, no more buying cars where the cost of the 1st year’s insurance exceeds the purchase price of the car. For 18-30 year olds you can now have a brand new Fiat 500 for £239 per month, including insurance and servicing package for 3 years. You can even earn back up to about £150 a year if you drive safely and considerately. Mums and Dads take note, this could save you a lot of anguish and heatache, as well as a pretty penny too, as chances are the Bank of Mum and Dad are going to be involved somwehere along the line. A sort of Quantitative Easing to Dads wallet we reckon.



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