Jaybee Motors Winter Check With Free Safety Kit Only £19.99

Free Winter Kit




Winter can be a beautiful and uplifting season, but for Motorists, winter can also bring poor visibility, difficult driving conditions, and in the long dark nights the possibility of a mechanical breakdown or worse an accident. How well have you prepared your vehicle for winter?


A few basic checks can make all the difference between being confident in your vehicle being able to see you safely and reliably through the long, cold and dark nights that typify winter, or the nightmare scenario of winter breakdowns and unreliability.


Our winter check is specifically designed to ensure that the most critical areas of your vehicle are fully prepared for winter. Lights, wipers and washers, battery, heating and ventilation systems, coolant /anti-freeze, tyres and brakes are all examined to ensure that your vehicle will get you safely through a typical British winter. In addition, we will provide you with a winter safety pack, comprising of a snow shovel, de-icer, ice scraper and screen wash to keep your car in tip top condition. And, at only £19.99 our winter check won’t dent your wallet, and may just prevent you from denting your pride, or worse your vehicle.

Give us a call on 01295 227100 and make a booking to have your winter check carried out today.


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