Meet Our Experts; Barry Simpson Renault Technical Expert

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Meet Our Experts; Barry Simpson Renault Technical Expert


Barry Simpson is our longest serving member of staff and has been with the company now, nearly 27 years. Barry has been a Renault Technical Expert (RTE), for over 25 years, and is probably the most experienced RTE in the country. The role of the RTE is to provide technical assistance, and training to his fellow technicians, who although themselves receive regular updates and technical training, still have ongoing product and technical training cascaded to them by Barry.

The role of the RTE is many faceted, and apart from providing training and expertise across the whole Renault and Dacia franchises, encompasses a customer facing role, as he is frequently asked to test customer vehicles and provide a technical perspective on any issues the customer may be facing.

Barry lives locally in Banbury with his wife Christine, and has a son and a daughter. Originally from the North East of England Barry has resided in Banbury for over 40 years, but hasn’t quite lost his Geordie accent yet.

Barry is well respected by customers and colleagues alike, and is pivotal in ensuring that Jaybee Motors delivers the high standards of quality and technical expertise that has been a cornerstone to our family owned business for over a quarter of a century.

If you have any issues with a Renault or Dacia vehicle, and you would like to discuss them with him, or have a test drive with him to identify any concerns you may have over the operation of your vehicle, please speak to our Service Reception team who will happily make an initial appointment and consultation free of charge.



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