Obtaining Radio Codes

If we sold you car to you from new, it is normally very straightforward to obtain a code for you from our in house computerised system, and for security we just need to identify that you are who you say you are. A quick visit to the dealership with some acceptable ID will allow us to furnish you with the code without charge.

If the car was purchased from us Used or from elsewhere, we can normally obtain the Radio Code from the manufacturer, however there is a more strict protocol required and you need two sepaerate pieces of ID, one of which must be either a Drivers Licence or Passport. There is a minor charge made by the manufacturer. We can always help you enter the code if you are unsure how, as some models are a little complex. A useful strating point is to check the Warranty and Servicing Record Book (on a Renault) as the code is normally recorded here. Trying to guess the code, and entering it incorrectly a number of times initially doulbles the delay period, and after repeated incorrect entries can lock the unit totally!

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