MG6 GT Launch Only 42 Hours Away

With less than 42hours to go to the official launch, we are all getting very excited about Saturday’s launch of the MG6 GT.

We have already received our free gifts, and we have some splendid, pens, posters, key rings, tax disc holders, balloons and other fantastic give aways. The poster set includes six full colour MG images of new and historic models. We also have a couple of Octagon cakes, in a lovely red with the MG logo in white, courtesy of my Mum, and we hope you will enjoy a slice of cake and a drink with us.

Do come over on Saturday or Sunday, share the fun with the MG6 GT and see some of the classics that will have journeyed here, courtesy of our friends at the MG Car Club. The launch starts at 9.30am and runs until 6pm, but of course you can pop in and leave at your leisure.

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